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Standard Medical Billing

Medical Billing Service Company for Multi-Specialty

Spend time focusing on your patients’ health, not the billing process. We deliver reliable billing services to help you maximize your profitability and minimize errors.

We Help You Take Control Over Your Medical Billing

You have enough on your plate – providing the best patient care, keeping up with medical developments, and managing your practice. We take the burden of billing, claims, and working with insurance companies.

Our End-to-End Medical Billing Service

By working with our team of medical billing experts, you minimize your risks of rejections, denials, and underpayments. And, you improve the overall experience for your patients.

We Keep Up with the Latest in Medical Billing

Rules for billing regulations and coding standards are always changing. Your medical staff has enough responsibilities and billing deserves more attention than an extra administrative task. We stay on top of the latest in the regulatory environment, so your practice uses up-to-date billing processes, adheres to the latest compliance rules, and minimizes errors. As a medical revenue service company, we are required to stay up-to-date with the most current regulations.

A Dedicated Team to Fast-track Billing for Your Practice

Save on overhead costs, taxes, and employee benefits by outsourcing medical billing for your practice. We offer a dedicated team to handle your billing needs. They stay on top of current regulations and are solely focused on managing your billing and coding. They ensure that:

  • Claims are filed correctly,
  • Denied claims are resubmitted properly
  • Work efficiently without compromising the details

With our medical billing team handling your submissions and collections will streamline your medical billing workflow and provide a boost to your cash flow.

Know That Your Billing Data is Secure and Easily Track Progress

Our billing reporting is secure and fully transparent to you and your medical team. You have easy access to our platform to view where each claim is in the billing process and to pull any medical billing reports for financial analysis. Our reports are easy to read, so you can track the performance of your revenue cycle and find opportunities to improve. Also, we are HIPPA compliant to ensure the security of your medical data.

Why Work with Us

Our mission at EL Medical Billing Solutions is focused on providing the most reliable medical billing services with the highest-quality customer service. We customize our billing solution to your practice’s goals and current organizational set-up. Whether your goal is to build patient volume, recover declining revenues, or upgrade your billing process, we have flexible solutions to meet your needs. Save on costly expenses to search for and hire additional staff to handle your billing by relying on our team of experts. We will consistently manage your billing process end-to-end, at an affordable rate. And, when you have any questions or concerns, you have access to our support team.

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