Outsourcing now cheaper than employees

Date: 26 May 2020 | Author: elmedical_admin

Outsourcing is now cheaper than having employees on site. If you haven’t hired out your revenue cycle management then you may be in for a bumpy ride. Let’s face it, everything is getting more expensive. Employees are not as skilled as they were in the past. The cost to train them can be quite expensive. Especially when you consider that they will leave your company at some point. Most employment is simply a means to an end and employees will always take a better opportuni

Follow Up on Denied Claims

Date: 17 Aug 2020 | Author: elmedical_admin

Follow Up on Denied Claims

Review account aging to determine which claims are not paid in a timely manner. A thorough review of aged accounts receivables may reveal communication issues with insurance carriers and/or patients. Are denied claims caused by billing errors? likely but surprisingly not very often. There are times where a claim is billed correctly and it is still denied! Are your statements easy for patients to understand? Be your patient for one moment here. Most ar